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To Kompoloi Tou Psirri

To Kompoloi Tou Psirri

Have you ever wondered what a “kompoloi” is? ‘’To Kompoloi Tou Psirri’’ reveals to you the folk neohellenic culture represented ...



A space designed to unite art, nature, good coffee and delicious flavors in the center of Athens with an atmosphere ...

Ψυρρή-Ψυρρή το πας!

Εργατικό και τίμιο, χωρίς πολλά πολλά. Δήμος Κολλυτού, τα Γύφτικα, Ψυρή ή Ψυρρή. Σπίτι των βέρων Αθηναίων και των εκάστοτε ...

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